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ArmoredTech® stands for high-quality, patented pet products that actively support you and your pet in life.

A great team of animal lovers works every day to make everyday life with our best friends even better.
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Biggest turn over on smallest space!

Easy market entrance, first as a stand alone display solution and after just removing the stand and hang it on shelve.


Size CollarBox:
Height: 63 cm (including Topper)
Width: 45,5 cm
Depth: 30 cm
Stand height: 125 cm

The CollarBox carries 42 collars (all sizes) and 24 leashes.

The collar box can be used as:

  • Collar display shelve solution
    (adapter included – Tego compatible)
  • Collar & leash display shelve solution
    (adapter included – Tego compatible)
  • Stand alone display with or without leash combination
The most space effective solution to present!